Was originally the brainchild of rythm guitarist Wanjah, bored and sick and tired of the routine droll and generic pop music on the radio, finally deciding to kick some radio butt. He quickly hooked up with Bau's main songwriter Ash in the hopes of making his songs sound as mean as they can.

Ash quickly thereafter sought the services of his rythm guitarist Daud, who in the space of Bau's long hiatus had become a seasoned sessionist in his own right, with Ash assigning him lead guitar duties this time round.

As time passed, the three started to brainstorm as to who would be most appropriate in filling the gap of rythm section. They finally settled on Wanjah's good buddy Bidin as their Bass player, and they also mutually agreed to seek services of Bau's drummer Ahn Jojo.

Months pass, and through mutual consent, Bidin relinquished his role as bass player, citing commitment issues as the main catalyst for him leaving. This left the remaining four in yet another dilemma of searching for a bassist. Daud originally had already aggresively campaigned for his good friend and bassist Pa' Ku, whom he had become acquainted with during his travels as a sessionist. Upon getting word of Bidin leaving, Daud immediately gave his old friend a call, and upon hearing the band's offer, Pa' Ku promptly agreed.

And so, after months of deliberation and planning, the band's lineup is finally complete. The concept of their music have evolved significantly since the band's formation, having at first planned to make the band a post-punk outfit, but over time the band decided in putting elements of synthesizers, giving out a more disco vibe to their music. Wanjah then dubbed Gabba Gabba! as a proto-punk outfit, with their namesake an homage to one of punk's pioneers and also one of their main influences, The Ramones.


Bangkok Connexion at Jalan Ampang, KL

MAY 15
Photoshoot Berita Harian at Bangsar, KL

MAY 18
Rancangan Remaja TV9 at Seri Pentas Shah Alam, SEL

MAY 20
Konsert Ulang Tahun ke-5 TV9 at Pavillion, KL

Malaysia Hari Ini at Seri Pentas Bandar Utama, SEL

Indonesian International School at Jln Tun Dr. Ismail, KL

Sembang Selebriti GUA.com at Sri Pentas , SEL

Expresi Kembara RTM TV1 at Banting, SEL


Made In Khatib Koyan

1.Lambat Layu
2.Bersama Berdansa
3.Rock n Roll Now

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

This is a Call! @ The Bee, Publika

A night filled with soothing feel-good tunes, and another filled with a mix of alternative rock and electronica. Your weeknights can’t get any better than this. The This Is A Call! music showcase brought to you by Moonshine and the Bee is here with the promise of two Wednesday nights packed with tunes oozing with delectable musical goodness from a selection of Malaysia’s very talented artists. 

14th of December is bringing you a night of soulful, upbeat, soothing tunes, featuring the talents of: the girl with the sweet, soothing voice, Liyana Fizi; a famed name in our music industry with plenty of prestigious titles and awards behind his name, Aizat Amdan; the up-and-coming Diandra Arujaidi; and the immensely technical yet effortless fingerstyle acoustic jazz style of Az Samad

28th of December brings you something a little darker and heavier with a touch of electronica and catchy upbeat tunes. The talents include the quirky folk-rock, electronica sounds of experimental band, The Common Project; the addictively jazzed up and psychedelic sounds of Enterprise; the catchy upbeat sounds of proto-punk band Gabba Gabba!; and finally the alternative rock-punk-soul tunes of the energetic Kyoto Protocol

Your weeknights will not be left out of good live music this December, so head on to the Bee at Publika to catch these unique talents. 

This is a Call! @ The Bee, Publika
: 14th & 28th December 2011 (Wednesday) 
Time: 9:30pm to 12:30am 
Venue: The Bee, Publika Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur 
Admission: RM20

Credit : Junk Online

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